My name is Dylan Anthony. I am a graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Media Arts and Animation. Iíve worked as a member of a team, and individually to strengthen my skills in modeling, texturing, lighting and character animation. During my scholastic years I was often sought out to tutor classmates in various aspects of Maya and 3D design.

I have been a passionate gamer since before I was able to walk, and as a child I told my parents that I wanted to design toys when I grew up. At that age it was only a dream, but as an adult that dream is becoming a reality. Currently I have been furthering my abilities by learning Zbrush. I am a hard working and focused individual, who works well on a team. Iím easy to get along with and have an outgoing personality.

Video games and 3d graphics have been my passion ever since my first Atari and I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue the saga as a developer. Please contact me at 703-470-6009 or